Rajeev speaking at SEPAC event

My top priorities include helping our students and school community recover from the pandemic and continuing to work towards achieving excellence for our schools.

  • I’m very happy about our safe return to fully in-person learning. I will work to ensure that we put the necessary safety protocols in place for our students and staff, and that we create contingency plans that allow us to quickly react to changes to the public health situation.
  • All students have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. I want to make sure our teachers and staff have the resources they need to help make up for lost learning as well as to support each student with the social, emotional, and other challenges they may be facing as we come out of this difficult experience.
  • The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have eroded relationships across our city. I will work to rebuild trust among NPS administration, staff, parents, and the School Committee by being collaborative, listening to diverse opinions, and committing to improved communication and transparency.
  • I will support all our learners by continuing to fund and advocate for diverse learning and program opportunities, and by ensuring supports are in place for all students who need them. Mainstream, high-achieving, and high-needs learners all should have academic, athletic, creative, and social options that match their needs and aspirations. I am committed to supporting our high-needs learners and helping them grow to their full potential.
  • I am deeply concerned about how frequently we hear about racist and anti-Semitic incidents in our schools. I will stand with our students, staff, and parents in the pursuit of making our schools a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all, with no place for racism, gender or LGBTQ bias, bullying, or discrimination of any kind. 
  • NPS should continue to strive for excellence. Beyond leading the way in academics, athletics, and the arts, we should be educating students to be responsible, empathetic, inclusive, and civic-minded. I will provide strong oversight on our vision, planning, policies, finances, facilities, programs, and contracts to achieve this goal.
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